Thursday’s Children was a Brisbane band who earned a solid following during the mid-sixties. In this shot (c. 1968), which I believe to be the only formal picture of the band, we see singer Paul Murphy (lower left of picture), lead guitarist Barry “Big Goose” Sullivan (lower right), bass player Steve Pristash (rear left), guitarist Heinz Frylink (rear centre) and drummer Barry “Little Goose” Harvey (rear right of pic).

They played a funky mix of rock and soul, and took up a residency during 1967 at the Red Orb, which was one of Brisbane’s most popular ‘underground’ night spots. The Red Orb was quite a crowded, downstairs establishment which featured most of Brisbane’s leading bands, as well as interstate performers such as the great Max Merritt and The Meteors.

Thursday’s Children did some touring of the southern capitals, and recorded several songs, as well as appearing at Brisbane Festival Hall as the support act for 'The Big Show' on 28 January 1967; which featured Roy Orbison, The Yardbirds, Johnny Young, and The Walker Brothers.


Paul Murphy in action at Festival Hall, "Little Goose" Barry Harvey on drums

Paul Murphy in action at Festival Hall, "Little Goose" Barry Harvey on drums

By 1971, the two “Gooses” would play with the early configuration of Chain, with Matt Taylor and Phil Manning. In 1974, they would go on to play with Renée Geyer's band, Sanctuary. Barry Sullivan continued with The Renée Geyer Band, as bass player on hits such as "Stares and Whispers" (1976). Sadly, Big Goose died in 2003. Barry Harvey remained very much a musical force, playing occasional gigs with Chain.