In 1964, as an obsessive amateur photographer, fresh out of high-school, Frank was fortunate enough to become photographic assistant to one of Australia's leading creative advertising photographers, Brisbane's Geoff Dauth. In Geoff's studio, he learned the craft of commercial photography in all analog formats, and the art of darkroom work.

The images on this site are all from Frank's surviving 'personal' negative file (many negatives were lost to water damage in a freak Brisbane storm), and represent his extra-curricular interest in photographing people. A great enthusiasm for music led to his spare-time work on 'Go-Set' magazine, which was a chance to photograph many bands and individual performers.

In 1975, Frank started his own studio in Melbourne, Frank Neilsen Photography Pty Ltd, incorporating a busy black-and-white darkroom service. By 2002, the writing was on the wall for analog photography, so he decided to wind up the company. Determined to learn as much as possible about computing and image manipulation, he went on to university and gained the degree of Bachelor of Information Technology.